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Russian subtitling

Russian subtitling – SLush Fund

In this two part documentary produced by Pictures & Words, the client shows how the fresh Aloe leaves are used in the New Charity Pot formula from this project.

Lush required subtitling services in 7 languages: Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, French and Italian.  Matinée produced a time-coded English transcript, performed the translation and condensed the translation to create foreign subtitles.  Finally the translated subtitles are synced to the video and burnt-in to MP4 and delivered as SRT documents (which is now supported by Vimeo).

Lush’s “SLush Fund” money has been helping Maasai women to build a sustainable future using Permaculture to grow Aloe Laiki on a commercial scale as well as nutritional crops to improve their diet and life expectancy. Learn more about the SLush fund here:

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