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Romanian Voice-over - Express Asphalt Safety video

Romanian Voice-over for Express Asphalt Safety video*

Asphalt is a widely used product for surfacing roads, paths, flooring and roofing.  Aggregate Industries is a global ‘Express Asphalt’ supplier, with numerous depots in each region to ensure the fastest delivery possible to their customers.

Handling Asphalt can be dangerous work, with heavy loads, and large Lorries making deliveries.  So they created an eLearning course to educate their employees about the dangers. The 10-minute ‘Stay Safe’ video was part of this course and Matinée Multilingual was tasked with producing both Russian and Romanian foreign language versions.

First we transcribed the English audio to create a time-coded script. Then we organised translations into both languages, ensuring the each version could be read by the voice artist to fit within the existing vision timing. Finally we cast native male voice artists, recorded time-sync to picture and mixed the audio with the sound-track.

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