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Portuguese voice-over - Medical Aid

Portuguese voice-over for Medical Aid:

Medical Aid Films are a charity that empowers health workers in low income communities. Their aim is to educate and train pregnant women and mothers with small babies, about health and to help prevent illnesses or death.

They created this ‘Food for Life’ video to educate viewers about what pregnant women need to eat to stay healthy, and to give their baby the best chance of survival. The charity contacted us for help with producing a Portuguese voice over for the film. They opted for voice over rather than subtitles due to the high illiteracy levels within the audience.

We transcribed the original speech and then translated into Portuguese. They required two native female Portuguese voice talents for the film and we cast Maria and Cristina. They are both professional and experienced Portuguese voice actors that we can trust, and have done a great job on a variety of projects previously. Our engineers then mixed the new voice over audio with the soundtrack, and delivered it in MOV format to the customer.

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