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Mexican Spanish voice-over and subtilting for Lenovo

Mexican Spanish voice-over and subtilting for Lenovo

Lenovo required a Mexican Spanish video translation for their product presentation video.  This clip is just a sample of the 21:41 video which required full localisation of the audio, on-screen text & graphics and subtitles.

First we time-coded the scripts and transcribed the on-screen text. After the translations were completed we selected two native Mexican male voice artists: Javier & Armando.   We recorded phrase-sync and not lip-sync, as this would have required expensive adaptation of the scripts, and a lot more studio time, which the client didn’t feel was necessary.

Whilst the Mexican voice-overs were being produced, we created the Mexican Spanish subtitles, and then localised the video files by replacing all the on-screen text and captions.  The final video was encoded as MOV.

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