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L&G 'Bringing protection to life' -Video Production & DVD

L&G ‘Bringing protection to life’ -Video Production & DVD

Legal & General had been using a generic video, rebranded for their own use, called “A Widow’s Story” which covered the importance of providing family protection cover. L&G thought it was a powerful piece of communication but was by now somewhat dated. To replace the generic video, L&G asked Matinée to design and produce a new programme on DVD called ‘Let’s talk protection – Bringing protection to life’.

Matinée shot live action drama set-ups of two widowed women talking about the situation they found themselves in after the death of their husbands, intercut with ‘flashbacks’ to one of the women & her husband in discussion with a financial adviser planning their family protection requirements. These two scenarios were used to contrast the experiences of two families, where one had been provided for by life cover or mortgage protection and the other had not. These drama sections were inter-cut with interviews with real mortgage advisers and IFAs — gathering their views on how best to approach the topic of protection with their clients, along with a voice over commentary linking all sections into a coherent complete programme. The goal was to encourage financial advisers to promote protection products more confidently and frequently.

L&G comment:

Since the launch last month of our ‘Let’s talk protection – Bringing protection to life’ training DVD, we’ve had some excellent feedback. The project has been recognised as a quality training aid for our intermediaries, and one that will support the development of the protection market. Stocks have literally been flying off the shelves! This is, in part, due to the launch being supported by great trade press coverage. For instance, here’s what Mortgage Strategy printed in the July 14 edition:

“A MUST-WATCH: Look out Scorsese, Legal & General is out to steal your crown. The mortgage club has released a DVD to help brokers diversify their offerings. Let’s talk protection teaches brokers why family protection insurance is so important and highlights best practice to maximise sales. Not quite as thrilling as Gangs of New York or Goodfellas but Mole thinks while it may not have the makings of an Oscar winning film, anyone looking to help brokers through the turbulence deserves a round of applause.”

Thank you for helping make this project a reality. Your contribution to the concept, development and delivery stages of this video production have been vital to its success. It was great to have all channels feeding in at all stages and our agency, Matinée, delivering over and above our expectations. Thanks to all for this great result.

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