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Grow your business with subtitles

Grow your business with subtitles

Grow Your Business With Subtitles: Experts in English & Foreign Language Subtitle Creation

A study on television accessibility by Ofcom finds that 80% of people who use subtitles are neither deaf nor hard of hearing. And, while the remaining 20% is the most important audience to provide subtitles for, this goes to show how many environments call for subtitles.

Here are some of the reasons that someone from that 80% might prefer to watch video with subtitles.

• Watching something in a foreign language
• Watching something in a loud environment
• Watching something without distracting others
• When the audio speakers on a device aren’t loud enough
• When the volume of a video is inconsistent (quiet dialogue vs loud explosions)
• Watching something with sensitive subject matter in public
• To save battery consumption
• For taking notes from educational or resource videos

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