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Flemish subtitles for AXA

Flemish subtitles for AXA

AXA is a French insurance company with customers all over the world.  AXA is commonly recognised as a market leader within the car, home, health and business insurance sectors. They have been providing insurance services for nearly 300 years.

They invest in AXA Research Fund to investigate a number of scientific studies for the environment and life & socio-economic advancements. They created a video to explain how airplane technology development can be adapted to help prevent heart attacks.

AXA make it a priority to share as much of their research with their other commercial entities as possible. They decided that a number of foreign language subtitles should be added to maximise interest worldwide. One of the foreign language subtitles required was Flemish subtitles. The Flemish subtitles were burnt into the video and added to their Research Files series on their YouTube channel.

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