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English male voice-over for SmartMover Range of 7 videos*

MasterMover’s range of electric tugs helps users to move very heavy loads, even on slopes up to 30 degrees. The tugs feature an innovative weight transfer system which concentrates the weight over the puncture proof wheels.  It’s certainly a ‘smart’ product range, and they needed a confident and convincing narrator to explain all the key features to customers.

As a leading English voice-over agency, we were asked to help, and the customer made good use of our free voice casting service. Joe – a highly experienced English male voice artist, was selected for the role.  He already lends credibility to some of the biggest corporate brands in the world.

We recorded Joe’s voice-over in sync to the video at our recording studios in Reading. This made it very easy for the production company to lay-back to their picture master. They were really pleased with our service and with Joe’s voice-over and we have completed many more videos for them since.

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