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) British voice-over in African accent for ‘Fake antimalarials, rethinking the problem’

British voice-over in African accent – ‘Fake Antimalarials’

ACT Consortium, a global research partnership company, required a British voice-over in an African accent, to narrate an important animation highlighting the proliferation of fake antimalarial drugs. This assisted with creating a connection with the African continent, which is where they do the majority of their research.

The animation was created by Manta Ray Media, and we worked closely with them to cast an authoritative female African voice artist.   We then recorded the chosen voice artist, matching the timing to the guide track on the animation. Then cleaned and edited the audio as a .wav file, ready for integration to the video.

ACT Consortium were delighted with the voice-over and also asked us to produce African French and African Portuguese versions as well. We were able to provide them with further project materials over time as we are a leading voice over agency and specialise in English in foreign accents.

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