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Arabic Subtitles for LushTV*

Project Description

Lush is a cosmetics retailer specialising in fresh handmade products made from natural sources.  Lush has an internal communications channel called ‘Lush TV’. This is an excellent method of communicating to their global workforce, currently more than 900 stores in 49 countries around the world.

We’ve been producing subtitles for Lush TV since 2012. This example was created after an international event, there were 14 videos in total and they required subtitles in Traditional Chinese, Korean and Arabic. Here we’re showing Arabic subtitles.

We always burn-in the subtitles to MP4 and deliver SRT files.  SRT’s are a type of text file and easily appended to the videos when hosted on their Vimeo channel. Vimeo allows the viewer to easily select the subtitles they want.

Please visit: Arabic subtitling agency