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French voice-over - Allergan Optive

French male voice-over for Allergan Optive*

Allergan Ophthalmology required a French voice-over translation for their Optive product video. Optive is a dry-eye treatment, which lubricates the eyes and helps to prevent infection and vision impairment.

The script was translated by Allergan’s translation agency, and we cast a French male voice-over artist who attended our recording studio in Reading.  Our recording studio uses the latest pro-tools software and Neumann microphones to pick-up all the nuances of the performance. We imported the video to our pro-tools studios as a BITC (burnt-in-time-code) MOV file, which enabled us to record the French voice-over in sync to the existing English narrator.

In our post-production suite we mixed the French voice-over with the existing music and effects track, and laid back to the video. Final delivery was made as an MP4 file.

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