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Chinese Mandarin voice-over recording

Chinese Mandarin voice-over recording – Albion*

Albion Valves are a UK based manufacturer of valves and pipe fittings. To better explain their services, they contracted Fat Free Media to produce a promotional video that they could use at trade shows, events and online.  Although Albion Valves are predominantly focused on the UK Air Conditioning market, they were seeing an increase in demand from overseas, including China.

They also tasked FFM with localising the video into Chinese Mandarin. FFM turned to us for help with translating the scripts and producing the voice-over.  We cast Mandarin voice-artist Zhenyu to narrate the video. We recorded the script wild (not timed to video) and delivered the finished audio track to FFM. They adjusted the video to match the Mandarin voice-over. We think the finished video looks great, but could have benefited further by localising the on-screen text / captions as well.

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