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Dennis – British voice actor biography


Dennis is an experienced and versatile British voice actor, singer and musician.  He trained at the Italia Conti Stage School, and as a child Actor was cast in several film’s and had the lead role in Children’s Film Foundation called ‘On The Run’.  He frequently does voice acting for BBC 4 radio plays, and computer games.  He is the voice of King Arthur in the ‘King Arthur the Role Playing‘ computer game.

Dennis also has stage and TV acting experience including various parts in films “Burke and Hare” and “Scrooge” starring Albert Finney and “Take Me High” with Cliff Richard.  He’s also appeared in several episodes of a children’s TV series called “Double Deckers”.  He’s played Dandini in a Pantomime of Cinderella at the Wimbledon Theatre and played the main role in a series of BBC TV history plays for schools called “The Great Wen”.

Dennis is also a client favourite for corporate and commercial voice-over work and clients include: Weetabix, Snickers, New Zealand Lamb, Faberge, Pepsi Cola, Oil of Ulay and more.

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