Cromerty – English voice artist with regional accent


Cromerty is a trained, professional English female voice artist with regional accent (Northern) with an appealing, smooth, attractive, fun and convincing voice.  She has lots of experience which makes her the “go-to” voice for many national and international clients.  She can be heard on radio and television commercials and in video games, training, medical, and technical videos, audio-books, pod-casts and IVR.  Some of her clients include eBay, CA Technology, Lidl, Philips, Oral-B and Unilever.

Her native accent is The Potteries, UK, and Northern England, although her usual spoken accent is RP.  In addition to this, she can also speak fluent French, German and Spanish (with a slight English accent).

Please visit: English Regional Accent Voice Talent

Key words: British Female Voice Over, Female Voice Talent, Seiyu, eLearning, IVR, Corporate, Apps, Video Games, Web & Explainer Videos, UK Voiceover

More demos

  • Narration (Northern accent)     
  • Corrporate (Northern Accent)     
  • Commercial (RP accent)