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Camilla – Norwegian voice artist biography


Camilla is a trained Norwegian voice artist and actress.  She is bilingual and speaks Norwegian and English fluently.

Camilla does acting and voice-over work in England and Norway.  Camilla’s voice-over work includes: commercials for Dell, Nicorette, Xbox, Disney Channel, Air France and Toyota.  And promos for TV3, ZTV, Jetix (Fox Kids), TCM, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, National Geographic and BBC Food.  She also has continuity experience with TV3 (scripted and live), ZTV (scripted and pre-recorded), Jetix (pre-recorded) and National Geographic (pre-recorded).

Her narrative work includes documentaries such as Revyjaget (NRK), and numerous corporate pieces for clients including HP, Sony, BCA Europe, Pilkington, Jersey Tourist Board, Irish Tourist Board, Esso, Nikken, British Midland, Britannia, Spanair, Audi, Honda, Ford and

Camilla’s character voice acting work includes a short animated piece for Esso, toy products for Fisher Price, promos for Jetix, and ‘Teach Yourself Norwegian’ language tapes.

Key words: Clear, Emotive, thoughtful, Norwegian voice over, Bilingual English and Norwegian voice over


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