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regional English accents

Regional English accents – why they matter for businesses

The wide variety of English accents are important for businesses that need to create universally understood and meaningful training content for their employees, or marketing content that resonates with their intended audience. But how do you know which accent to choose? Let’s take a closer look…

Build an international brand using voice-over

How to build a brand for an international audience

How do you build a brand for an international audience that has vastly differing age groups, cultures, languages and buying habits? It’s a question that has to be answered if you want your brand to take advantage of a global marketplace.

Communication post Brexit

Working in a post-Brexit world

So, we’re not quite there yet, but Brexit is edging ever closer and will be a reality one day very soon. While many companies have been working through their Brexit strategy, we’re instead looking at the business landscape in the longer term as we turn our thoughts to the new post-Brexit world.